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Community Investments

All Washingtonians aspire to the same basic things - safe communities, excellent schools, decent jobs, clean air and water, good health and roads and transit that make travel easy. We want our kids to have more opportunities than were given to us. And we value a culture where neighbors help neighbors.

Washington's tribal government leaders are making investments to improve the lives of people on their reservations and throughout our state.

Community Benefits

Washington's tribes have substantial social and economic impacts on communities throughout the state. Tribal governmental agencies and enterprises sustain thousands of jobs for tribal members and non-tribal members. The purchases of goods and services benefit local private businesses, and generate millions of dollars in state and local taxes.

“Robust reservation economies are not just good for Indians, but also bring more land, buildings, people and resources into participation in the Washington economy.”
Economist Jonathan Taylor

Creating Jobs and Economic Benefits*

Washington's tribes employ more than 30,000 people.

$722 million in state and local tax revenue
$1.5 plus billion paid annually to employees in wages and benefits
$3 billion worth of goods and services purchased annually
$5.7 billion value added to state economy
*2019 Report by Jonathan Taylor

Supporting Communities*

Donated to charitable organizations
Granted to local Governments to offset impacts of tribal gaming
Given to smoking cessation programs
Given to problem gambling programs
*2017 Data from Washington State Gambling Commission (Reported in 2019)

Washington Tribes produces videos showing how Northwest tribes contribute to our communities. You can watch many on this site, or visit the Washington Tribes Youtube page.

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